Pole Dance and Sensual Movement: The APD Story


More than a studio. We are a community that includes of all kinds of “polers”; the athletic, the sexy, the strippers, the artists. Here, pole dance and sensual movement are explored from both a physical aspect as well as emotional aspect.

We believe everyone has the capability to benefit from the exploration of movement through pole dance and sensual movement.

The #APDcrew affirms all body types, genders, backgrounds, and levels of dance experience. There are no weight limits, or expectations that each individual body will perform the same. We teach to all, in a small class environment that allows personal attention and support in finding what works best for each human.

We lead with integrity. As a community, we foster a space where everyone’s bodies are respected, where students celebrate one another, and where we teach to prevent injury and keep everyone safe.

We grow through innovation. We aim to change the industry; instructors have opportunities to grow and are paid fairly (uncommon in dance/fitness industries). We engage with our student base to better understand what our studio vision should be. We commit to being active in our larger community; actively anti-racist, pro-SWer, body-affirming, queer AF (we are queer/trans owned after all!), and decolonizing the fitness/dance world.


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Ascension : the act of rising or ascending; especially : the act of moving to a higher or more powerful position.

Ascension began to take shape when co-founders Kate and Megan started to notice that they wanted more out of their pole dance experience. They found a lack of body diversity and saw a high attrition rate from other instructors in the industry. At the same time, they noticed that many pole students experienced stress and injury. And further, that many of these occurrences could have been prevent through modifying training, consistent recovery methods, and emotionally intelligent coaching methods.

Having no other industry outlet to turn to, Kate returned to their background in Health Science (B.S.S., emphasis in Exercise Physiology) and Education Leadership (MEd) to find the solution for themselves. Kate realized that while many industry teachers are incredible dancers, there are also many who don’t understand how to teach the skills to a variety of body types in a safe and successful manner.

In this process of information sharing, Kate, Megan, and their students found themselves quickly and safely executing pole tricks that once seemed impossible – without sustaining injury, or succumbing to the crushing frustration of something seeming un-achievable. Through this, Ascension Pole and Dance and Move Without Apology Coaching were born.

We rise above expectations. We are a community that conquers challenges among a supportive team. How will you Ascend?