What is Ascension Pole?


Ascension Pole and Dance (โ€œAscensionโ€) values individual fitness goals and promotes body awareness.

We are a community that includes of all kinds of “polers”; the athletic, the sexy, the strippers, the artists.

We maintain an all-inclusive environment that welcomes individuals of all body types, backgrounds, and levels of dance experience to enjoy the great physiological and psychological benefits of pole dance and fitness.  

We believe everyone has the capability to achieve the basic tricks and skill sets required in pole dance, but each of us may need a slightly different modification to get there, as all bodies are designed differently.

We believe in teaching movement holistically and with integrity.


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Ascension : the act of rising or ascending; especially : the act of moving to a higher or more powerful position.

Ascension began to take shape when co-founders Kate and Megan started to notice that when pole dance students in the industry started to move to advanced classes, a lot of these students experienced stress and injury, most of which could have been prevented or eased by modifications to training, better recovery methods, and knowing the needs of a holistic dancer.

Having no other industry outlet to turn to, Kate returned to their background in Health Science (B.S.S., emphasis in Exercise Physiology) and Education (MEd) to find the solution for themselves. After taking a step back from the adrenaline of training, Kate realized that while many industry teachers are incredible dancers, there are also many who donโ€™t understand how to teach the skills to a variety of body types in a safe and successful manner.

Through this, Kate found themselves at the center of an unofficial support group for friends and students (including their soon-to-be co-founder) who were reaching out for ways to alleviate their own ailments and hungry for progress in their dance. In this process, Kate, Megan, and their students found themselves quickly and safely executing pole tricks that once seemed impossible – without sustaining injury, or succumbing to the crushing frustration of something seeming un-achievable.

From here, Ascension seemed like the natural choice of title for this growing pedagogy. We rise above expectations. We create a community where challenges are conquered among a supportive team. How will you Ascend?