Light Up Ascension

The Light Up Ascension campaign is a membership drive to offer a selection of our services at a discount while also raising money for our storefront lighted sign – an expense that ended up being more substantial than expected. We hope you’ll take advantage of these excellent deals, and help us Light Up your life…

Which class pack or membership is best for me?

Unsure of where to start? To select the best membership or class pack for you, you should ask yourself a few questions! Drop-in individual classes are $20, so if you plan on coming to the studio more than once (we hope you do!), you will benefit financially by checking out our different pricing options. How…


When did Ascension open? Ascension Pole and Dance opened to the public July 16th 2018! Our Facebook and Instagram feeds will have the most recent information. Our permanent class schedule, starting August 1st, can be seen now on Mind Body! Why should I choose Ascension? We empower our clients and potential clients to make the…

How will you Ascend?

Ascension : the act of rising or ascending; especially : the act of moving to a higher or more powerful position.

Preparing for Class

Quick tips on how to prepare yourself for the most fun at pole dance class!