Ten people looking at camera, arranged in a pole dance studio.

Pole Dance and Sensual Movement: The APD Story

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More than a studio. We are a community that includes of all kinds of “polers”; the athletic, the sexy, the strippers, the artists. Here, pole dance and sensual movement are explored from both a physical aspect as well as emotional aspect.

We believe everyone has the capability to benefit from the exploration of pole dance and sensual movement.

The #APDcrew affirms all body types, genders, backgrounds, and levels of dance experience. There are no weight limits, or expectations that each individual body will perform the same. We teach to all, in a small class environment that allows personal attention and support in finding what works best for each human.

We lead with integrity. As a community, we foster a space where everyone’s bodies are respected, where students celebrate one another, and where we teach to prevent injury and keep everyone safe.

We grow through innovation. We aim to change the industry; instructors have opportunities to grow and are paid fairly (uncommon in dance/fitness industries). We engage with our student base to better understand what our studio vision should be. We commit to being active in our larger community; actively anti-racist, pro-SWer, body-affirming, queer AF (we are queer/trans owned after all!), and decolonizing the fitness/dance world.

#APDcrew Pole Dance Instructors

Here, pole dance instructors literally make the world go ’round.

Ascension envisions a studio where qualified employees can make a career, and go beyond just a “side hustle”. We envision enough hours, adequate pay, and appropriate support for all employees. As a relatively new industry, the pole dance world does not have a national accrediting body. What this means is that there are no universally-required qualifications to be a pole dance school or instructor. Because of this, we’ve decided to be industry leaders by setting the standard for professional teachers and respecting pole dance roots.

At APD, instructors take on a variety of responsibilities; each individual teaches class and supports studio operations. Continuing education is provided through regular staff meetings and individual programs. In career growth, employees have regular check-ins, annual evaluations, and raises awarded on a satisfactory basis.

All of our employees receive appropriate training, which we provide and pay for. This includes anatomy and physiology of movement, first aid and CPR/AED, pole dance specific instruction, cardio and endurance, classroom management, and more. Many of our employees travel and learn from other leaders in the industry to be the best we can be.

Here are A few of the modalities our pole dance instructors are certified / endorsed in:

Get the Most Out Of Your Pole Dance Class!

Signed up for class? Here’s how to get the most out of your pole class experience!

Trying something new doesn’t need to be stressful. We’re all here for the same reason – to have fun, learn new things, and make friends (who knew making friends as an adult could be so F#$&!# hard?!). Our crew is ready to welcome you in and show you what real community is like to get the most out of your pole dance class.

Pre-class planning:

  • No lotion (anywhere)!
    • Why: oils and other agents in most lotions are absorbed into the pores on your skin. When you start exercising and sweating, you also sweat out the oils from the lotion. When this oil makes you slippery, it can be a safety concern. 
    • Just can’t go a day without moisturizing? Ask us about pole-safe products! We stock the Dew Point Pole line.
  • Wear what you’re comfortable in
    • You do not have to wear booty shorts (but you can if you want to). Most people are most comfortable wearing well-fitting gym clothing. For most beginner classes, you will benefit from having the skin on your knees, armpits, and inner thigh uncovered to achieve some of the basic pole moves.
    • We highly recommend wearing leggings/sweats and a shirt or sweater during the warm up section of the class. This will help your body properly warm up to be most safe during the main part of class.
    • Warning: pole fitness can have the side effect of body confidence and a positive self-image. You may find yourself wanting shorter shorts as your adventure continues.

What should I bring?

  • A face mask or your proof of vaccination against COVID-19
    • Masks are required to be worn (properly) by anyone who is not fully vaccinated
  • Refillable water bottle
  • Phone or camera
  • Personal towel
    • We provide towels for cleaning the pole during class. Some dancers like to have a personal towel for wiping sweat off of their body. Sweating is natural, and can sometimes make you slip on the pole. No one will judge you for wiping your forehead… or your armpits.


  • First time – 15 minutes early
  • Most of the time – 3-5 minutes early (or 1-2 minutes early but ready to jump straight into class without needing to change clothes).
  • The warm-up period is crucial for safety and injury prevention. Students arriving more than 5 minutes after the warm up period has begun will not be permitted to engage in class activities. After all, you can’t get the most out of your pole dance class if you can’t be safe doing it!


flowchart using the written information below

Pole Dance Class Passes and Memberships

At Ascension, we commit to making sure you are getting high-quality pole dance instruction for the price you are paying by only hiring instructors who have the proper education, as well as continue to learn and grow alongside their students. When you dance with us, you’ll understand why our classes waitlist weeks in advance.

Class sizes currently max out at 7 students per instructor, so you are guaranteed to get one-on-one feedback and attention during class. We make sure there are enough spots for everyone each month – check out the current schedule here!

We also offer several of our classes via livestream. All class options can be explored on the Mind Body app!

Client TypeOptionPricePrice per ClassLink to Purchase
New students with little-to-no pole dance experience who want more structureExclusively Beginner 4-Week Series$9523.75Get Exclusively Beginner Series
New-to-APD students who have poled before, or brand-new peeps who need more schedule flexibilityNew Student 3 for $75$7525Get New Student Offer
Anyone who has completed Exclusively Beginner or a 3 for $75Starter Membership
*Includes 5 classes, Open Studio time, personal locker, and additional member benefits.
$75 per month *three-month commitment$15You must complete one of our Intro or Beginner Series to be eligible for this!

Anyone who has completed a Starter MembershipFull Value Membership
*10, 15, or 20 classes per month and member benefits
$115-175 per month, depending on length of time and number of classes
*six- and twelve-month options
$7.50 – $13 depending on membership choiceAn application must be completed in-studio for these options!

We do not run “sales”, but instead provide accessible cost options while still compensating our instructors fairly for the time and effort they’re putting into the best class experience and pole dance instruction. We choose to be membership-based to build our APD crew community and allow students to progress among a supportive group.

We want you to find your fit before you commit. That’s why every student begins with either our Exclusively Beginner Series or 3 for $75 deal above!

Our Crew and COVID-19

One thing that has been confirmed through the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent social distancing orders, is that no matter what, the #APDcrew is a community that thrives in supporting each other.

It also gave us an opportunity to see how many people in our crew are keeping essential services running; lab technicians, nurses, counselors, social workers, doctors, and so on. At the same time, some people in our community are struggling through this period of isolation. There can be a lot of mental health, physical health, and social health challenges during this time. We see you all doing your thing, and want to support you as best we can.

Even though policy is ever changing, the course of the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t “just over”. There is still work to do to mitigate the spread of the virus. We promise to hold ourselves accountable to keeping risk low during this time, and beyond.

What has been updated

Most recently updated 8/27/2021.

Updated sanitation protocol

While we’ve always kept the cleanliness of APD on the top of our priority list, we are now getting PASSIONATE about disinfection! We’ve increased our frequency of surface cleaning, brought in medical grade air purifiers, and provided checklists for post-class cleanup at each pole.

Physical Distancing Practices

  • Reduction in class capacity, no more than 7 students on the dance floor with the instructor.
  • Masking up for all students, instructors, and visitors:
    • Starting 5/15/21, those who choose to volunteer proof of vaccination may go mask-free in the studio
    • Those not vaccinated must still wear a mask at all times
  • Spotting provided on a student-request basis, with instructor using hand sanitizer before and after spotting

What Stays The Same:

  • Epic playlists
  • Supportive and inclusive environment
  • Your lovingly weird instructors
  • Our commitment to quality, expert, anatomy-based pole education
  • Our openness to client feedback and ideas

Thank you for being part of the #APDcrew – stay healthy and safe, and we’ll see you soon!