Pole Dance Class Passes and Memberships

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What is our pole dance pricing like? At Ascension, we commit to making sure you are getting high-quality pole dance instruction for the price you are paying by only hiring instructors who have the proper education, as well as continue to learn and grow alongside their students. When you dance with us, you’ll understand why our classes waitlist weeks in advance.

Class sizes currently max out at 7 students per instructor, so you are guaranteed to get one-on-one feedback and attention during class. We make sure there are enough spots for everyone each month – check out the current schedule here!

We also offer several of our classes via livestream. All class options can be explored on the Mind Body app!

Exclusively Beginner – All New-to-APD students!

This is the best choice for all new students to APD, even if you have a little pole dance experience (if it has been more than 6 months since you danced, or if you have fewer than 15 classes elsewhere). This class includes a holistic introduction to pole moves, terminology, heelwork, floorwork, strength building, and flow.

The series costs $95 and can be purchased on Mind Body or via the link on the front page of our website, ascensionpole.com.

Already a regular pole dancer with more than 1 year / 20 classes recent experience?

You are the perfect fit for the 3 for $75 offer! You will need to take a Pole 1 class to be assessed, and will be approved to attend other classes by the Pole 1 instructor to use the other 2 classes. Due to the way we structure our curriculum, we cannot simply allow students to start immediately in intermediate courses.

Snag your 3/$75 pass by clicking here!

Ok, you’ve done Exclusively Beginner OR the 3/$75 and are ready for more?

You’re eligible to apply for a Starter Membership! As a Members-Only studio, this is the trial membership of three months.

This membership costs $75-85 per month and must be applied for and purchased in-studio. We do not allow online sign-ups for this membership as we want to make sure being a member is a good fit for your lifestyle!

After completion of the Starter, you become eligible to apply for any of our Full-Value memberships which come with more perks, more swag, and the best community of people who will call you higher to be your best self.

Members get the BEST per-class pricing, ranging from $15 per class down to $7.50 per class, as well as get unlimited open studio time, guest passes, personal training credits, and more.

Really like APD and want to make it your studio, but worried about a Member commitment?

Our non-member option is a 20-class pack, to be used by one person over the course of one year. It is the most flexible option for those with unpredictable schedules. The pack is a one-time payment and can be purchased by clicking here.

You may be wondering “why isn’t there a single drop-in class option?”. That is intentional! Read on to learn why:

We structure our classes and long-term curriculum in a way where students interact with material in a curated manner and commit to their own transformation.

Still only want a single class? Grab up to 9 friends, coworkers, or family members and schedule a private party class on our sister website! You’ll still get the same fun and dance experience, with no commitment beyond your private class.

We do not run “sales”, but instead provide accessible pole dance pricing options while still compensating our instructors fairly for the time and effort they’re putting into the best class experience and pole dance instruction. We choose to be membership-based to build our APD crew community and allow students to progress among a supportive group.

We want you to find your fit before you commit. That’s why every student begins with either our Exclusively Beginner Series or 3 for $75 deal above!