Megan “Rose Gold” Lewis was first introduced to the world of dance and movement at a young age, taking both children’s ballet and gymnastics classes.

As a high school student, Megan continued to express her love of dance in ballet and as captain of her high school Color Guard team. Megan had always shown great promise in fine arts, leading her to attend Boise State University, earning her bachelor’s degree in Music Education.

While a foot injury grounded her abilities in ballet, Megan continued to coach Color Guard at a local high school. After graduating with her music degree, Megan spent a lot of time substitute teaching in the school district and working other jobs.

After moving to the bench neighborhood in 2014, Megan was eager to dance again and ready for something new and different. After receiving a 5 class pass for Christmas to a pole studio, Megan fell in love with pole dancing and has been at it ever since. She began teaching pole in 2017, and completed her first ever competition in Fall of 2017, placing 5th in Exotic Level 4. She has performed in numerous showcases and spent time dancing in an elite performing group.

Megan’s passion for teaching music translates fluidly into her passion for teaching movement and body awareness. She is an energetic and lyrical dancer with a flair for drama. Megan is Boise born and raised, and still resides in the bench neighborhood with her wonderful husband, beautiful step-daughter, and three cat children. In her free time, she loves to garden and enjoy the great outdoors of her beautiful Idaho home.


  • Bachelor of Arts in Music Education (Boise State University)
  • K-12 music educator
  • ElevatED Certified Pole Instructor (April 2018)

Movement and Choreography Background:

  • Substantial training in Ballet
  • 3+ years of pole performance


  • 2nd Place Dramatic Level 4 – 2019 Emerald Pole Championships
  • 5th Place Exotic Level 4 – 2017 Northwest Regional Pole Championships