Lacey, also known as Amity, began her pole journey in December of 2013.
After a series of rough events, pole started as a last resort, which quickly became a passion she’d never experienced before. She quickly excelled in her individual study of pole, quickly progressing from basic moves to more advanced tricks. With a little help from her fellow dancers, Amity has managed to perfect her own personalized flow. It was at this point she started to help her fellow dancers by helping them find technique and skill in their hustle.
Amity has always had a passion for fitness as well as teaching. Whether it was high school sports, dancing at concerts and music festivals, hula hooping, or working her magic on the pole; she had found herself in her element and in a state of joy from it all.
Amity finds the sexy and sensual side of pole to be her cup of tea. The exploration of sensuality in movement really helped build her confidence and self esteem to all new highs. It is this confidence and self-esteem she strives to bring to her students.
In Ascension, Amity has found her calling in life; to teach, to dance, and to never stop learning or spreading the love and warm energy found through pole dance. Of course, pole performance is also a fantastic excuse for over the top full-glam makeup and costumes! 😉


  • ElevatED Level 1 Pole Certification (April 2018)


  • Winner: Drip, Tease, Flow Level 4 Exotic, PSO After Dark, 2019
  • Competitor, Exotic Level 2, Golden Gate Pole Championships, 2017

Movement and Choreography Background

  • Extensive dancing and hula hooping at countless music festivals and concerts.
  • 2013-Present: dance at 2 local clubs
  • 2015: danced in Denver, CO clubs
  • 2016-present: danced in Phoenix, AZ gentleman’s clubs
  • 2013- go go dancing at China Blue and The Bistro.