#APDcrew Pole Dance Instructors

Here, pole dance instructors literally make the world go ’round.

Ascension envisions a studio where qualified employees can make a career, rather than just a “side hustle”. We envision an industry where as a person gains experience and continued education, more opportunities open for them. This is in direct contrast to the current norm in the dance and fitness industry; “dead end” contract positions that lead to burnout. We envision enough hours, adequate pay, and appropriate support for all employees.

Every instructor teaches as well as stays involved with studio operations. This allows each instructor to earn more while having a body “rest day”. Continuing education is provided through regular staff meetings and individual programs. Annual evaluations are conducted, with raises awarded on a satisfactory basis.

The pole dance industry does not have a national governing body. This means there are no universally-required qualifications to be a pole dance school or instructor. Therefore, we have decided we are going to be leaders in the industry.

We require all of our staff to receive appropriate training, which we provide and pay for. This includes anatomy and physiology of movement, first aid and CPR/AED, pole dance specific instruction, cardio and endurance, classroom management, and more. Many of our employees travel and learn from other leaders in the industry to be the best we can be.

A few of the programs our pole dance instructors certifications / endorsements in:

Want to become an #APDcrew Apprentice?

Up to twice a year, we offer an eight-week course where those interested in becoming a certified pole dance teacher can learn the philosophy of integrity, innovation, and holistic movement that APD embodies in all instruction.