Exclusively Beginner: Intro Pole Dance Power Hour

We’re so excited you’re here!

Exclusively Beginner is only for people *brand new* to pole!

This one-time workshop-style class is a tell-all crash course in all things pole dance. In here, you’ll get to have all your questions answered, including:

How do dancers spin like that?
Is there a reason pole dancers wear minimal clothing?
HOW do dancers walk in those heels?
What helps a dancer grip the pole?
Can I learn how to do these things?
A little bit of theory, a little bit of movement, and a lot of fun and encouragement await you.

Each Intro Power Hour ends with a giveaway and special pricing on a membership.

Upcoming Dates (choose one):

January 13, 4-5:30pm

January 18, 8:30-10pm

January 20, 1-2:30pm

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