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General Pole Dance and Fitness*

Level 1 (Foundational Skills and Perfecting the Basics)

Learn the fundamental language, body engagement, and philosophy of pole through foundational spins, conditioning exercises, floor movement, and poses. You will learn about pole grip conditioning, common “tools of the trade”, momentum, and how to train safely. Newcomer or pro, let’s get back to the basics.

Level 2 (Build Comfort and Explore Inversions)

Utilize your understanding of pole and foundational skills to literally turn your world upside down. In this level we begin conditioning strong inversions, efficient climbs, and foundational tricks to build off on in later levels. Instructors enthusiastically spot students as they progress and mats are utilized as an additional safety precaution. A student seeking to attend this class should have attended at least four “Pole 1” classes within one month immediately prior to enrolling, or have similar training at another studio. You must be able to efficiently climb at least 8 feet and pole sit after climbing. Please contact APD if you have questions.

Level 3 (Link Skills and Ascend Higher)

Build your solid repertoire of spins, climbs, and inversions into aerial work, combinations, and impressive tricks. There is an emphasis in this class on conditioning and monitoring your body for signs of over-training and stress. Students will be given multiple variations of tricks and are expected to engage in partner-conditioning with classmates. A student seeking to attend this class should have attended weekly pole classes for 6 months (at APD or other studio) AND be comfortably climbing to the top (both sides), invert to crucifix hands free and able to anchor dismount (both sides), and building comfort with bracket grips. Please contact APD if you have questions.

Level 4 (Challenge Yourself and Own It)

Create advanced shapes and transitions during this intense class for the advanced pole dancer. The focus will be dynamic movement, drops and flips, and inverted hand grips (“handspring”).This individual-centered class expects students to be regularly engaging in conditioning exercises and attending at least one other skills class per week to keep the fundamentals fresh. Students must be able to invert aerially with stronghold grip, comfortably execute leg hangs on both sides without hands, and climb 3x in a row without a significant break.

*This level system is based off of the Pole Sport Organization guidelines for competitive skill levels

Pole Specialty Classes

Doubles Trouble

Take the fun of pole dance and double it! In this class, students work together to warm-up, condition, build trust, and execute pole moves with 2+ people on the same pole. You will work with other class participants. You do not need to attend with a partner – but you can bring one! Any student wanting to attend this class must be approved to attend Pole Level 2.


Created by our own Kate E. Gaga, this class provides an opportunity for students to bring social media videos and pictures for inspiration. Our staff, those with a in-depth understanding of anatomy, physiology, and modifications for different body types, can then assist students with pole moves appropriate for their level, or conditioning exercises for those #goals. Instructors lead students in a warm-up, then get those phones and tablets out to play!

Get UP/Side Down
This class is for students at multiple levels to work on climb and invert drills. Particularly the student who:
  • Is not yet inverting but wants to build key muscles to do so safely and efficiently
  • Climbs the pole but is exhausted when they get to the top
  • Only knows one, maybe two ways to climb and wants variety for a performance
  • Is aerially inverting but wants a cleaner invert

Exotic Choreo and Flow

Is the sexy side of pole your cup of tea? Look no further than this empowering, self-love-centered class. Students will be led through a choreographed sequence of pole moves to build skill in transitions and flow.

Dramatic Choreo and Flow

Do you have a flair for drama? Want to not only execute pole moves, but also emphasize telling a story or evoking emotion? This dramatic class will help you make even the most basic pole vocabulary meaningful. Students will be led through a choreographed sequence of pole moves to build skill in transitions and flow.

Vertical Fitness (static pole conditioning)

This course blends High-Impact Interval Training (HIIT) with pole skills. Students should expect to get their heart rate up, get sweaty, and have a blast. This course is for anyone who wants to focus on the fitness side of pole, or for a dancer who wants to accelerate their pole efficiency.

Non-Pole Specialty Classes

Liquid Motion

Liquid Motion ® is a methodology that can apply to any aspect of life, from everyday movement to technical dance vocabulary. This program teaches how to achieve a seamless and natural movement quality by applying basic dance theory and sensual movement exploration.

Flexibility 1

Want to get bendy? Whether you’re trying to get a specific flexibility goal (splits, backbend, touch your toes) or simply wanting to keep your muscles and connective tissue healthy, you’ll leave this class happy. During this class, students will increase overall body awareness, flexibility, balance, and strength through active stretching, static poses, and instructor feedback.

Hell on Heels

Dancing in heels doesn’t have to feel like a newborn deer learning to walk. In this class, you will use dance heels as an extension of your legs on the floor as well as standing. You will learn ankle-strengthening drills, heel-specific choreo, and tip rail tricks of the trade.

Coming soon

You may wonder: Why are we not starting right away with all of the classes we want to offer/our clients want?

We are committed to offering only what we have both experience and significant training in. We are constantly investing in our instructors and students by paying for continuing education and training, staff in-services, and staff development.

To do this, we ask for your patience as training and practice take time before providing to the public. 

Vertical Gymnast – Youth Program

Aerial and pole fitness can be a wonderful complement to current youth gymnasts or ballet dancers, as well as a viable alternative option for youth needing a different path. Our studio focuses on building body awareness, self confidence, and a healthy body image for our young aerialists.

Pole fitness and has been recognized as a sport by the Olympic committee. Part of establishing pole as an Olympic sport is creating youth programs.  Many programs have been established around the globe. Young athletes can participate in competitions and showcases. Parents are encouraged to stay and watch the class for any student too young to drive themselves.  

In development are our training programs for:

  • Advanced Flexibility
  • Lyra
  • Aerial Hammock
  • Hip-Hop
  • Cardio Dance