4 & 1/2 Reasons You Should Try Pole Dance & Fitness

a pole dance instructor teaches class

Trying a new thing – whether for a hobby, for fitness, or for #goals – can feel as much daunting as it is exciting. If you’re reading this, we assume you may want to try pole dance!

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We could go on for days about why the #APDcrew loves pole dance. Today, we will highlight a few popular ones!

1. Pole Dance Has Positive Side Effects

Ask any APD student why they love about pole dance, and you’ll have them talking for hours.

Here are a few of those side effects our students mention:

  • “Pole dancing at Ascension has helped me grow as a dancer, as well as a more confident woman. ”
  • “Pole helps me feel alive and beautiful, and I know I want to keep coming back.”
  • “I stand taller, walk with confidence I did not have, and am proud of myself again. “
  • “Pole dancing with the APD crew just makes me feel confident and badass.

In addition, we hear from folks who have used this as their regular fitness practice where they have more fun than a traditional gym experience. We hear about dance as part of self-care. It’s really cool to know this is happening here!

2. It’s Fun To Have a Secret… or Shock Your Family

Either way, you’re having a good time.

Megan’s family attends her local performances

Kate’s dad brags about his “pole dancing daughter” to work colleagues often.

Some students can’t share their hobby publicly, or don’t want to, and that’s ok! We’ll support whatever your comfort level is.

3. Join a Growing Community and Industry

…an industry where APD and it’s employees are frontline innovators! We’ve made a pledge to contribute to the industry in meaningful ways. Some of these ways include being interviewed on podcasts discussing industry trends and issues, creating a sustainable employee model for long-term employment with benefits, contributed to the LGBTQ+ knowledge base in the community, and meet with other industry leaders regularly.

Our #APDcrew community is built on authenticity, inclusion, and building up supportive friendships. Because who knows how to make friends as an adult!?

4. You Can Make Pole Dance Whatever You Want It To Be

  • Pole dance can be sexy.
  • Pole dance can be dramatic.
  • Pole dance can be funny.
  • Pole dance can be athletic.
  • Pole dance can be simple.
  • Pole dance can be complex.
  • Pole dance can be raunchy.
  • Pole dance can tell a story.
  • Pole dance can be done by anyone.

1/2. You Have No Reason Not To…

Too often we hear people say things such as “I’m not strong enough”, or “I’ll do it when I’ve lost X amount of weight”, and “I won’t be good at it”.

We want to help you re-frame those statements:

  • “I’m not as strong as I want to be… and pole dance can help me get there.”
  • “If I want to change my body… having fun dancing is one way to support the lifestyle I want to live. Pole dance is for any body type.”
  • “I don’t need to be the best dancer in the room, but I’m showing up, doing this for me, and having fun with my friends.”

What do you think? Join the #APDcrew today!