Dance Motivation Slump? Try These Tips

At one time or another, we all occasionally find ourselves lacking motivation. Motivation to come to class, to go to work, or even do laundry can feel like scaling a mountain.

A lack of motivation can be a signal of many things. If you’re experiencing a lack of motivation in your dance practice (but you still *want* to dance), it could mean that:

  • You’re bored or have hit a plateau in your training
  • You are feeling overwhelmed (by any mix of factors)
  • You need some time to rest or to take a break

Of course, there may be other underlying reasons for a lack of motivation. If you think that your lack of motivation may be related to depression, anxiety, or unhealthy life situations, we hope you will reach out to mental health professionals to get the adequate support you need – we’ll be here when you’re ready for class!

For now, let’s take some time to dig into the three motivation roadblocks mentioned above and ways you might be able to give your pole life a little kick.

You’re Bored / You’ve Hit a Plateau

Oof. Routines are great for a lot of reasons, but heading to the same class at the same time each week might start to feel a little monotonous after awhile.

With over 25 class options each week, here are a few ways you can spice up your routine!

  • Try an online class! Even if you don’t have a pole at home, we have several no-equipment-needed classes you can take via livestream.
  • Take a class in the morning or afternoon if you’re usually a night owl, or vice versa.
  • Make it a goal to take a class with every different instructor in the next month. We all have different skills up our sleeves! Well, we would if we had sleeves…
  • Get back to basics. If you are an intermediate-to-advanced poler but haven’t been in a Pole 1.5 classroom in awhile, take some time to enjoy the fundamentals for a moment. As pole dancers progress, sometimes we forget how lovely those fundamentals can be, especially once you’ve mastered the technique of pole!

You’re Overwhelmed

We are in the midst of a pandemic. We feel that. There are a lot of things to worry about as an adult human and many of us tend to want to take care of everything (and everyone) else first before taking care of ourselves. While we love that our APD crew is a compassionate community, AND we want to encourage each other to have that same compassion for ourselves.

Struggling with making space for “me time”? Try these:

  • Pole parent childcare problems.. connect with other pole parents (we have an exclusive private channel for our members who have kids!) and take turns taking a class.. on your own.. with no one asking for a snack.. in fact, we’ll bring a snack to YOU if you want!
  • Appoint an Ascension Accountability Acquaintance. Yes, we just made that up. Is there a pole pal who you know from class? Connect with them and hold each other to commitments to attend class. Send each other motivational memes. Remind them to drink water. Ask for a picture of their pet. Just set some boundaries first.

You Need to Rest

Ah yes. The good thing about pole is that it is easy to fall in love with doing it all the time. The challenging thing about pole is that sometimes we try to do it all the time until we burn out.

Now, don’t worry, we aren’t going to tell you to take a month-long break (unless that is what you know you need). However, both brain rest and body rest can actually improve your pole experience and performance. If you’ve been hitting aerial tricks hard, maybe it’s time to spend some time feeding your freestyle and flow appetite in a floorwork class. Grab a few APD crew friends and go for a nice walk outside (safely social distanced, of course!) if you’ve been inside for too long. Break the script and nourish another part of your creativity. Sometimes, that is exactly what we need.

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