Our Crew and COVID: 5 Things That Have Changed (and 5 that stay the same)

One thing that has been confirmed through the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent social distancing orders, is that no matter what, the #APDcrew is a community that thrives in supporting each other.

It also gave us an opportunity to see how many people in our crew are keeping essential services running; lab technicians, nurses, counselors, social workers, doctors, vets and vet techs, food and grocery supply workers, and so on. Many folks have been making reusable cloth masks. We also see some in our community struggling through this period of isolation, and want to recognize that there can be a lot of mental health, physical health, and social health challenges during this time. We see you all doing your thing, and we are here to support you how we are able.

We know that even though we are permitted to be open, the course of the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t “just over”. We still have work to do to mitigate the spread of the virus. What does that mean for you and us? Please use these convenient links to find answers to your questions. We promise to hold ourselves accountable to keeping risk as low as humanly possible during this time, and beyond.

If you still have additional questions, please email crew@ascensionpole.com for the quickest response.

Click on the headings below to read about policy and procedure in our new normal.

I’m a brand-new student, what do I need to do to sign up for my first class?

In-Person Classes – How We Social DisDANCE

5 Things That Will Be Updated or Change

1. Updated sanitation protocol

While we’ve always kept the cleanliness of APD on the top of our priority list, we are now getting PASSIONATE about disinfection! Following CDC and public health directives we’ve researched, we are swapping our “all natural” cleaning products for products that have an appropriate bleach mixture (floors, surfaces) or at least 70% ethyl or/and isopropyl alcohol (what we already use for poles and all fitness equipment). Commonly touched surfaces will be wiped down on a schedule.

We’ll also be posting simple “how-to” charts on the most effective way for students to wipe down mats, poles, and equipment after class and how to put it away to prevent cross contamination.

2. Physical Distancing Practices

We know that even when we re-open, the course of the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t “just over”. We still have work to do to mitigate the spread of the virus. What does that mean for pole class?

This means that when we first re-open, we’ll be doing the following to ease back into our “new normal” routine.

  • Reduction in class capacity
  • Masks required by both instructors and students
  • Visual markings of 6-foot radii on dance floor
  • Spotting provided on a student-request basis, with instructor using hand sanitizer before and after spotting

3. Providing Personal Protection Supplies

As long as it makes sense, we will be providing the following:

  • Hand sanitizer available at multiple checkpoints throughout APD
  • Reusable cloth masks available for membership students (one per student – student responsible for taking home to launder) and instructors/employees
  • Non-membership students will be asked to bring their own cloth masks – we are not purchasing disposable masks as we want these items to be prioritized to healthcare workers

However, we’ll also be pausing our provision of the following items:

  • Complimentary shared grip aids
  • Reusable water cups – so please BYO(water)B! There are IPA wipes to sanitize the water cooler after use
  • We have reintroduced complimentary individually wrapped snacks

4. Hybrid Class Delivery

This exciting adventure means we get to experiment with different modes of class delivery!

We’re excited to offer this option for our students who may have compromised immune systems or caring for someone who is extra-vulnerable to illness.

This option will be available for select classes, both pole and non-pole. It will be delivered via Mind Body video chat and will include as many elements of an in-person class as possible, including one-on-one checking in from the instructor.

5. Relaxed “Late Cancel” Policy

Our standard “late cancel” policy is:

“Students who cancel a class registration less than 6 hours in advance of course start time forfeit that class entry”

Students who need to cancel fewer than 6 hours in advance due to suspected illness or exposure to illness will have the option to attend class via livestream (as mentioned above), or get the class credit back for future use, with the original expiration date. No-shows and late cancels for other purposes will still be forfeited. You must contact us BEFORE the class to be eligible for a class credit.

What Stays The Same:

  • Epic playlists
  • Supportive and inclusive environment
  • Your lovingly weird instructors
  • Our commitment to quality, expert, anatomy-based pole education
  • Our openness to client feedback and ideas

Thank you for being part of the #APDcrew – stay healthy and safe, and we’ll see you soon!

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