4 1/2 “Stripper Shoe” Facts

Whether you are a dance heel pro, curious, or clueless about the “hows” and “whys” of dancing in pole heels, these facts can support your progress in heel-work. If nothing else, you’ll have a few fun facts to share with family and friends during the upcoming holidays!

1. Like pointe shoes in ballet, there is technique to using platform heels.

Platform shoes can be fun to wear, and we do provide the option for polers of all levels to use them at Ascension. However, in every heels-specific class, we cover extended foot and ankle warm-ups, conditioning, and techniques such as weight distribution, walking drills, and pivoting. We also do additional stretches at the end to alleviate the pressure of walking with an elevated heel. With this focus on technique, you can minimize your risk of injury, whether dancing for fun or as a job.

2. While scary looking, platforms are actually easier to walk in than “street” heels.

Due to the modified heel lift (see photo), safe-grip soles, and adjustable features, pole shoes boast a lot of benefits that make them slightly easier for many people to feel confident in.

one street shoe and one pole shoe are pictured. A ruler shows the difference in measurement of heel lift between both shoes. The street heel has a lift of 7 inches, while the pole heel only lifts about 3 inches.

3. Material Matters!

It’s good to know which material the shoes you’re purchasing are made of, especially if you have a particular purpose for the shoes in mind. Are they for a photoshoot? Will you be climbing the pole a lot in them? Will you be doing any quick slides or drops on the pole?

Most polers who are climbing and want support of a shoe with “stick” will choose patent leather or vinyl, as these two materials will grip the metal of the pole.

If choosing a fabric/suede shoe toebox or an exposed glitter-coated toebox shoe, be prepared to use those knees, thighs, and arms to climb and grip the pole!

Matte leather has a slight grip, but not as much as patent or vinyl.

4. Height Matters for a CLACK!

If you’re like our instructors, you might like to have a well-timed heel CLACK to emphasize a part of your dance. In pole, the platform part of the shoe is used to clack against the floor, the pole, or the other heel. There are many ways and techniques to do this, and the height of the platform may change the effect.

Platforms of 2″ or less may be harder to clack together, and to get an effective clack, may need to sickle one or both feet to make contact with the platforms.

Platforms of 8″ and up may provide a louder/sharper clack due to the extended height and hollow parts of the platform.

1/2. It’s Possible to Fall in Love with Pole Shoes

Enough said. Especially if you already love shiny, glittery things.

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