5 Reasons You Should Take a Summer SLAYcation

Feeling the need to be a little “extra” this summer? This light-hearted and sincere read covers a few good reasons a summer slaycation is for you!

Don’t forget to snag yours – only 20 of these packages are available to ensure that there is space for everyone this summer!

1. All of the sizzle of summer (without the sunburn)

Although.. we can’t promise you won’t get a few small pole kisses (bruises) from learning a new skill set. The point is, you get to engage with pole in whatever way it speaks to you – the sexy, the sensual, the sporty, and the silly. You’ll leave classes invigorated and confident – and counting down until your next one!

2. Air conditioning

Ok, maybe you love the heat. Regardless, you’ll find that you’re more comfortable poling in a temperature-controlled environment! Take a break from the Idaho sun and heat to dance with us for a moment. When you head out the door, your sweat will function as nature intended by letting you feel cool breeze!

3. The days are longer

Well, the sun shines longer… While it may be the placebo effect, more sunshine can lead us to feel like we can get more done in the day. Why not fit a 75-minute class in there, in between the other important stuff on your list?

4. You get to wear fun clothing

Have a pair of booty shorts you love but would feel awkward going out of the house in? Wear them to pole class. You might even find yourself feeling more confident in your body after a few classes and not give a f@$# what other people care about what you wear. Of course, maybe you have already achieved this level of confidence. Whatever you want to wear, you can be sure you’ll fit right in with (and be cheered on by) our motley crew of folks who share our community.

5. You deserve some fun “me” time

Full stop. No exceptions. We promise you that you won’t regret it.

Get your summer SLAYcation here.

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