April 14: Self Care Day

No matter your motivation for movement, it’s always a good idea to check in with your body and find time to care for it on a regular basis.

Which is why we’re excited to host our first of many One-Stop Self Care Days on April 14, from 12-3pm at Ascension Pole and Dance studio (8073 West Fairview, 83704)

At this One-Stop Self Care Day, we’re proud to host Boise Chiropractor Dr. Paula Murphy, and LMT Rebekah Dresback, who are providing low-cost services for our students.

The goal of this day is to encourage our bodies to heal and maintain themselves. You’ll also be able to learn more about these health and wellness professional’s services for the future!

Please pre-pay for services. Once you provide payment an, Ascension crew member will reach out to you to ask your time preference.

Everyone who purchases a service will also have the opportunity to sip tea, learn self-massage techniques using foam rollers, and simply relax with others in your dance community.


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