When did Ascension open?

Ascension Pole and Dance opened to the public July 16th 2018! Our Facebook and Instagram feeds will have the most recent information. Our permanent class schedule, starting August 1st, can be seen now on Mind Body!

Why should I choose Ascension?

We empower our clients and potential clients to make the best studio decision for themselves. We distinguish ourselves from our competitors in three distinct ways:

  • Integrity in the way we teach movement and respect our clients physical and social health.
  • Innovation in our studio model to invest not only in our students/clients but fairly compensate our employees.
  • Holistic movement encouraged and integrated into every class and training program.

We take our role in our client’s lives seriously, and treat your body, brain, and health with the highest respect. This is why we have committed to not only hiring experienced instructors, but investing in them to become certified with industry-standard trainings and certifications. Our staff also independently has shown their lifelong commitment to education and health; among us we have professional degrees in education, significant training and bachelor’s degrees in education and physical health and fitness, and more. This is not a side hobby for us – we are here for you.

We have turned the current stereotypical fitness studio model around and focus on providing a healthy, rewarding environment for our employees. We are the only local pole and aerial studio that offers benefits and a livable salary to our employees. We are able to do this through careful planning and our shared expertise in business, education, and health.

What kinds of classes do you offer?

At opening, we will offer pole, contemporary dance, restorative movement, hip-hop, cardio, and flexibility. We are in progress of certifying our instructors who have significant aerial arts experience in the safest and most effective standards. Because of the risky nature of pole and aerial, and our respect for our clients and their safety, we will only ever teach a movement method after significant personal training and professional certification.

We will offer classes for all ages, genders, and identities.


How should I prepare for class?

Please check out our What To Expect guidelines!

How did Ascension come to be?

One of our co-founders was in the process of purchasing an existing studio (which they were planning to re-brand as “Ascension”). After that fell through, there was so much momentum already built, and a hardworking, passionate team of individuals, that it was the perfect time to keep going.

Co-founder Kate has been driven to open a dance studio for over 12 years, specializing in holistic movement and adaptive movement due to Kate’s significant experience with dancers and athletes who had physical disabilities. Kate earned a degree in Holistic Health Sciences (focus in exercise physiology), but took a path in education after their Master’s.

Now, Kate’s vision has come full circle, and has an amazing team who is ready to give Boise a new, innovative studio.


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